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Make Your Own Fairy Garden

The Right Blend of Fairy Accessories and Blooming Plants Make a Successful Fairy Garden. Photo Credit: Photo © Cassandra Luscher, Creston BC Canada
Whether you call them fairies, wee people, elves, or gnomes, it’s fun to design fairy gardens to attract these enchanted beings to the landscape. You may not know how your fairy garden will turn out when you start to design it, but if you’re a gardener, you know that no respectable fairy would inhabit a land without flowers! 

A Feminine Fairy Garden

Pink Is a Perennial Favorite With Little Girls and Big Girls Alike. Photo Credit: Photo © Gulley Greenhouse,
The pink blossoms of Kalanchoe are easy to maintain in full sun fairy gardens (morning sun is best). Although the blossoms look delicate, the foliage is succulent, so the plants can go longer without a drink. If you aren’t tickled pink by this fairy garden, then you can shop for Kalanchoe plants that produce orange, purple, red, or yellow flowers.

The Illusion of Vines

Add an Arch or Gazebo Train Your "Vines". Photo Credit: Photo © Anna Day Mona
Any true flowering vine would quickly overcome such a dainty arch, so how can a fairy gardener appoint her garden structures? For arches and gazebos, plant a trailing plant like million bells or sweet alyssum (on the left in this photo) at the base of the structure. Train the plant over the structure, attaching it with some twine or wire. You will need to trim this modified topiary frequently to keep it in check.

Easy Fairy Garden

You Can Make a Fairy Garden in One Afternoon. Photo Credit: Photo © Jamie McIntosh
If you aren’t sure where or whether to devote a special space in your flower garden to fairies, then don’t! You can set up a temporary fairy garden in five minutes by placing the contents of a fairy garden kit in a part of your garden that has low-growing, blooming plants. If you don’t find a complete kit, then buy or make the two essential accessories: a fairy, and a fairy dwelling. 
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Fairy Gardens Contained

Container Gardens Are Ideal Fairy Garden Habitats. Photo Credit: Photo © Anna Day Mona
If you’re using a small container for your fairy garden, you must choose your flowers carefully to avoid plants that will overstep their bounds. This is a case where you want to pick plants that not only produce small flowers, but also have a dwarf growth habit. Examples include Irish moss, which produces white flowers, and Mount Atlas daisy, with fern-like foliage and tiny daisy blooms.

A Matter of Scale

Flowering Kale Stands in for Trees. Photo Credit: Photo © Dan Vojir
Playing with scale is one of the fun elements of fairy garden creation. Diminutive objects seem enormous through a fairy’s eyes, so you can create a forest with a few 12-inch tall specimens. Consider using flowering topiaries to make these fairy “trees.” Lavender and fuchsia plants are easy to train into a standard.

Take the Fairy Garden to New Heights

A Fairy Garden Must be Seen to be Enjoyed. Photo Credit: Photo © Jillian Krickovich
Fairies must find a fairy garden to populate it, and they won’t find a miniature garden amongst towering clumps of perennials. If your taste in garden flowers isn’t fairy-friendly, you can still have a fairy garden by elevating the accessories. Use a stump, a wheelbarrow, or an antique chair to give your fairy garden a boost.  

Miniature African Violets

Photo Credit: Photo © Jamie McIntosh
If your fairy garden is indoors, choose flowering houseplants that can take the low light conditions. Miniature African violets won’t grow larger than six inches in diameter, and will bloom constantly given the right light, moisture, and fertilizer. Like standard African violets, miniature plants appreciate bright indirect light or fluorescent light. Allow soil to dry out between watering, and never permit your plants to suffer from wet feet.


and I love something with water or a pond.... 
...and I find little Faery Dolls quite interesting... 
I am also looking for natural-looking Faery Houses like these: 

...This is really cute.... 
...lovely ! 
....This is a BIG WOWWW !!! I can just imagine lots of  these
 hanging at the branches ....
I am also thinking of this type of a DIY pot / planter 

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